3 Simple steps to getting your story told…

Step 1

How much do you want to be remembered?

Only 5% of your audience will remember facts from your marketing message. But over 50% will remember the story behind the facts.

How you show and tell that story can make a huge difference to your marketing penetration. That’s what Contemplate can help you to do.

Step 2

It’s not what YOU say…

…It’s the way that YOU say it.

Contemplate uses the 3V Principle of effective commercial design to communicate attention-grabbing stories about your product or service.
The VISUAL makes the impact so people pay attention.
The VOCAL (your story) provides your message that people remember.
The VERBAL (the facts) support your message.
But before we think about design, we think about your project, and ask you to contemplate 3 key questions:
  • What’s the purpose of this brochure / leaflet / presentation / campaign?

  • What do you want to achieve with it?

  • Is there a more cost-effective way of achieving the same goal? 

Step 3

Only when we’re
100% happy…

…We will look at creating…

…RIGHT VISUALS communicating the…
Don’t take our word for it…

It is what THEY say…

…and the way that THEY say it.

“Donna easily gets to the crux of the message to deliver clear, engaging creative concepts that really work and deliver results. As a creative professional Donna has proven herself time after time and is certainly an asset to any business.”

Sarah Evans, Marketing Production Manager, ERIKS UK and Ireland

“Donna has a high skill set, along with the all important “can do”approach when you’re up against the clock.”

Geoff Cox, Strategic Accounts Director, ERIKS UK and Ireland

“Donna has a great eye for design and quickly picks up on technicaldetails – meaning she can turn her hand to any industry and use these skills to help translate ideas into ones customers willunderstand.”

Lee O'Hanlon, Marketing Executive, Brammer

“Donna has the ability to turn the smallest of ideas into a creative masterpiece, always chips in with original ideas, fits in well to become an integral part of the team and is a great sounding board when you want to develop a spark of an idea!”

Stefanie Andrews, Freelance Marketing Professional
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